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  1. I have a boyfriend. Are you suggesting from your post that he must be a sexting partner? OP says nothing about sexting and if she wants to brag about having a boyfriend then so what? I've lost a loved one, do you see me jumping on her? 
  2. lol....

    oh man. I'm trying real hard to be polite here.

    If someone makes a friend about their BF. it's ok.

    No one can randomly just attack them for it or accuse them of sexting without proof.

    If you don't like the threads.....DON"T OPEN THEM OR READ THEM.
  3. must contain....innertroll......

    failing test of will....

  4.  gets my attention. You can't stop me. And yes I can accuse them. Just like you accuse and lock helpful threads!!! OR SILENCE PEOPLE UNFAIRLY.
  5. OMG. i'm just going to lock this.

    Sorry bella455

    There's something in the water today causing alot of anguished no-so-silent-rage.
  6. So I can accuse you of being an unreasonable lunatic too unless provide proof to the contrary?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.