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  1. Am volunteering at a casino and is berry slow. About 10 hours of sitting in chair is occurring for me rn. I have approx 5 left. Tell me jokes or make me laff and you may get a bento or misc or smthing. If you are not funny, you may commiserate with me. Something so I can cease the smol talk I feel obligated to make w other volunteers
  2. Things my child says during horror movies
    “Oh yeah kill the black guy real pc of you horror film directors”

    “Run you stupid fool!”
  3. Your child looks way too young to say that first thing
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  4. She’s a little horror critic
  5. I'll share some of things I've recorded that @DoctorDaddy has said to me that i have thought are funny. I think I've shared some before but it's been a while.
    Spoiler alert he makes me laugh a lot after my crying sessions

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  6. You guys are all adorable but ig I have a v specific sense of humour
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  7. I hear ya.

    What's the last thing that made you laugh really hard?
  8. I’d post something but my sense of humor is terrible sorry
  9. Do it 👀
  10. [​IMG]
    When ppl ask what that kitty do?
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  11. For some reason, I feel like OP has more of a dark sense of humor, it's just the vibe I'm getting
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  12. What did the man with no hands get for Christmas? Gloves... hahahahahahahahahaha. I’m joking he hasn’t opened it yet
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  13. I have never frowned so much at a joke
  14. Mildly amusing and cyoot ty for sharing. Shall gift 💕
  15. I was told to do it 🤷‍♂️
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  16. Idk how any of you can replicate this but I think it was when I went to get ramen w a fren a while ago and the waitress was obsessing over us. We took legit a sip from our cups and she rushed over to fill our glasses. They weren't v busy.
  17. I admire your obedience.
  18. I just wanted to show my Area 51 meme
  19. I'm not great with dark humor, when I think of dark humor, most of the decent jokes I've heard are dead baby jokes, but I decided to abort those, and than I could make menstrual jokes, but those aren't funny period.