Black Parade Leaderboard

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  1. And top 500 should also be rewarded 1 cat at least and not just a pizza kini.
  2. Task error

    Hello! I restart the game but i can't ser the task on left side of my home please help
  3. Boxes can be opened until story ends.
    But top 10 & 100 are given boxes???
    Ata is thinking something big
  4. YOU can still open your boxes using ecs like every other player including the top 10 and 100

  5. Except opening boxes is useless for top 10& top 100 as music notes put you in top and boxes drop pies. :) your welcome
  6. They are talking about the furniture boxes...^
  7. Wrong boxes dumb dumb these are furniture boxes difference
  8. Lol yeah you're welcome ^
  9. Give me back my vibrating tablet. I still want it for decoration
  10. It's actually quite hard but it's worth it  for this event?
  11. I cant open either boxes. Says cant be purchased
  12. Hunts over
  13. So now you have to spend EC on your rewards too?  ATA you savage.
  14. why is the guy 60% intel in store lmao
  15. Top 10 and top 100 wow not cool
  16. These ava are awesome
  18. STILL salty AF over this