Black Parade Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by ATABruce, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. So, if you can only open furniture boxes until Dec 2nd, why are they going to be given as a reward for the top tiers at the end of the "story?"
  2. You can still open furniture boxes after. Goes with the my dorm stuff.
  3. Right, you supposedly can only open the boxes until noon on Dec 2nd, but then they're giving 30 to the top tier. I don't think it makes any sense to give a box that will be worthless.

  4. They'll probably still be available to open with ecs.
  5. Whay? Lol
  6. Thank u ATA for favoring certain people :')
  7. May i have something and cool clothing choice
  8. I'm so tired of the hunts where top 10 and 100 are impossible to reach....the same clubs and members are getting it...ATA is so greedy!!! I will not spend another time in this game
  9. Dime not time!!!
  10. I think I'm just gonna be 1/4 of it.
  11. I would never be able to this... too hard
  12. Where was my phantom to lead me in the summer? To join the black parade.
  13. I truly don't agree with the top ten and top 100. You have a lot of people who stayed up over nights to complete these stories. You should never do something like that. You will make us lose interest in this game. Your objective is to keep your customers happy not on edge. You should rethink this through.Right is right wrong is wrong.
  14. Their objective isn't to make us happy and to make money. So this add on to a story is perfect for their objective.

  15. You better start farming the VIP lists then ^
  16. Tbh I didn't lose any sleep to finish my stories so that isn't the issue.
  17. I actually like this lay out and that music sheets don't drop from the boxes. This way no one can buy their way to top 10 and top 100.
  18. Ata needs to bring back top 500 awards as well...not just top 100 and top 10. Its like u rewarding the same ppl over n over again and that's not fair.?