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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by ATABruce, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. If you complete story events you get a lot of good stuff. Collecting 7.5k items for a 2mcs item.

    Love it
  2. When does this event end?
  4. Go see Quinn he tells you when it ends.
  6. What a load of crap, why should we try if it's only top 10/100? Most of us play to get the lower ranking Ava's because top 10/100 are usually the players that are OP and have no lives other than to play all the time.
  7. Sounds like the life
  8. If you don't complete a Story (or any of the Stories it leads to) in the time period provided, you will not receive any of the rewards for completing them. Not so different from failing to reach a reward tier in a Hunt.

    If you participate in the in-game Stories, you will receive dope rewards like Avatars, Care Pack Notices, Doctor's Notes, and more. Those rewards no longer need to be listed in the Forum because they are visible on the Story page in-game.

    Loads of people are already done their Stories and we're only 1 day in! Drop rates are plentiful ;)

    It ends on December 2nd at Noon PST. Same as the in-game Story.
  9. What amount of Music Sheets/Pies do you need for lower tier Avis? So far I've seen none as rewards other then the 6,000 pie, VIP Avis. Just curious.
  10. What is the point of boxes from the top tiers when the keys expire on the day the hunt ends?
  11. @ATABruce

    You can't be serious? "Drops are plentiful" For who exactly? Flashers?

    "Some people have the drops on day 1" Again are you seriously comparing the 1% of flashers to the rest of your player base?

    You should really listen to the community more often. You release a new hunt and the players try to make a compromise and you just shut them down with "Flashers can do it, so why can't you?"
  12. ATA is so unfair
  13. @ATABruce

    If that's the case then only 3 days is no where near enough to collect 6000 Raspberry pies by getting 80 to 90 pies from each Cat Cafe party we do. Be reasonable man.
  14. Or better yet, be fair to ALL of your players. Not just the big spenders.
  15.  My heart... 
  16. Only people who spend an unhealthy amount of money on pixely fake money can ever be in tops. Screw this. I like the new story feature but seriously? And 24hrs to collect pieces? No. People work. And sleep.
  17. Dear ata, just like u r launching new dorm, increasing stat of players,u should increase the payout for per hit nd party drops also.
  18. You have to be one of the top 10s? Really,ATA really crap i wanted this hunt avis, thanks a lot ATA.