Black Parade Leaderboard

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  1. Check out the brand new Black Parade Story in-game, and complete tasks to earn awesome rewards.

    In addition to the main Story objectives, you'll also be able to earn exclusive Black Parade avatars and rewards if you place in the Top 10 or Top 100 for number of Scraps of Sheet Music collected.


    Reward Tiers

    Reward Tiers below are based on the amount of Scraps of Sheet Music you have at the end of the event.

    (These rewards are in addition to the rewards obtained from the regular Black Parade Story)


    Current Leaderboards are posted in Campus Chat and set as a Campus Announcement every hour.

    NOTE: The Leaderboard ends on December 2nd at Noon PST. Same as the in-game Story.
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  2. Top 10 and Top 100 only? I will never be in this list. 
  3. Wow
  4. So most of us aren't getting Avis 
  5. These are the leaderboard tiers, but more avatars can be earned from completing the Stories. You can view those avas in-game in the Rewards section of the Story that... rewards them.
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  6. Yeah that's totally fair to low stats ?
  7. Pimd hasnt been the same since summer hunt
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  8. This is not fair....just top 10 and top 100 most people won't get in...including me
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  9. Once again Ata gonna be unfair only vip and high rank players get the good stuff