Black Lives Matter

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  1. Tfw i insult myself and my loved ones
  2. if black lives matter so damn much why dont yall quit murdering eachother 🤔😂
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  3. I’d love to know how you arrived at this conclusion because you completely missed the mark of what Hailey was saying, I would highly suggest re-reading
  4. my main belief is once you use harsh language anf insults to get your point across- you lost the argument 🤷🏻‍♀️
    then again I dont expect AllLivesMatter folks to have any sense of respect for other people lmao
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  5. So you're saying defund the police a little bit and refund mental institutions? I can support that a little bit. Like we obviously need police still, but if we committed people to the loony bin like we used to there would be less for the police to have to deal with.

    K I'll give you half a support because Ronald Reagan should've never shut down the mental asylums in the first place.
  6. Yes, psychiatric hospitals would be one of the various mental health programs that could receive more funding. Also integrating more social workers for mentally ill adults, for those that do not need to receive in-patient treatment, among other things.
  7. 👏 love it.. couldn't agree more
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  8. Here's a question for you all that are discussing Defund the Police. What happens when you need the police and they don't show up because they all left their careers, their jobs after so many years? The NYPD alone has put a cap on early retirements (reaching over 400%). Really, what do you do? These officers that put their lives on the line for the safety of others is choosing to walk away due to a number of factors..especially losing money, being held to blame (when in fact alot of the police force isn't to blame), there's no appreciation for them since this movement (and that's extremely sad)
    What would you do if you truly needed an officer and he's not there?
  9. Its crazy how people
    Out of those deaths of white people by cops- how many of them were killed and targeted because they were white?

    Also in a 2019 study in US homicides (by the official site of the US Department of Justice) shows that white people committed a substantial amount of murders more than any other racial group. Yes white people make 59.7% of Americas population but if anything that really disproves your argument that white people get killed by cops the most- of course they’re getting killed the most, they’re the majority population and are in a high percentage of committing serious crimes.

    The fact that black people only make 20% of the population and so far in 2020 we have 111 cases of black people getting shot to death by cops while white people make a whopping 59.7% of the population and their number of deaths is 215 is shocking.

    The ratio is absolutely appalling. And to bring back my first question, how many white people are being killed by cops because they’re white? We’ve seen countless cases of innocent black people getting killed, cops turning their body cam off, refusing to release information to the families affected, and more. And in addition we also see tons of cases of white people being blantly disrespectful and threatening cops and not even a fraction of that same violence is applied to them.

    Just recently a white man refused to wear a mask in a store and the cops were called and the man screamed “I have the f*cking virus” and spit in a cops face and started kicking and swinging his fists and the cops used minimal force on him to get him in cuffs. Can you really say that a black man could do the same exact thing and get away with it like he did?
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  10. Yeah I can say that.

    Last week a black teenager threatened to have a shootout with the police where I live. There was a 3 hour standoff and he was detained uninjured and taken to the hospital on a pink slip.

    Where's the news story about that? doesn't fit your narrative so there wasn't one.
  11. Before I had kids I was a chef. Food service is an industry that hires a lot of people with mental illnesses. In my experience they tend to excell at jobs consisting of simple tasks like dish washing and prep work. I hired many such people and the older people's stories were so sad. Many of them lived half their lives in mental institutions and then were turned out on the street or left to burden their families when the institutions shut down. They WANT to go back.

    We tried the whole, expand social services and care for mental patients at home thing from the late 80s until today. It doesn't work. It's time to end this cruel experiment and go back to the system that worked.
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  12. In the old days, this thread wouldve been locked already.
  13. This thread has run it's course...locking

    I'm gonna be a great mod
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  14. And what's the probability of nonviolent cases and fair treatment of cops against black people? Oh... it’s a low probability which is why I dont bring up those cases.
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  15. How am I supposed to answer this if you haven't even written in proper English. What are you asking here?

    What's the probability...ok got that...of nonviolent cases...mmhmmm...and fair treatment OF cops (are you asking if cops are being treated fairly when handling nonviolent cases?)...against black people(I'm scratching my head here...)
  16. How dose defunding police put in to this u really think that the people in charge will put it in to these things u give people power they go crazy with it fact of life they line they're pockets as for me doing something about I feed the homeless, I try to help people going through mental health issues I have my own, I help the familys in my area. So before you say what am I doing to help. Talk to me and find out
  17. try re-reading it, whats the probability of nonviolent cases and fair treatment pause- of cops against black people

    meaning whats the probably out of all the encounters cops have with black people- that they actually treat them with respect and don’t resort to violence
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  18. Defund the police =/= abolish the police. Taking some of the inflated funding away from police and allocating it to other resources would still leave the police with a more than substantial budget. They'll still exist and be well-funded. People that do not want police at all are calling for an abolishment, not a defundment.
  19. You still don't get it I see. Fair treatment OF're an idiot

    Also thousands of black people have encounters with police officers every single day. Very very few of those encounters resort in violence. I get that you don't understand how English works, but apparently you don't understand how probability is calculated either.
  20. 🤣My dad thinks we should abolish the police. He's losing his marbles