Black light lantern

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  1. Any idea how to get it?
  2. Don’t know anything about it
  3. It’s a party drop check the story tiers & rewards thread for more information
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  4. the activators for the avis? they drop in the stories
  5. Oof I meant story not party drop
  6. Here is a quick FAQ I made (also posted in the announcement thread)
    I've highlighted the section that should answer your question in blue and hopefully this will also answer any other questions you or others may have.
    Neon Masquerade Story Pass FAQ
    How long do we have to complete the quest?
    A. There is no time limit, it does not end at the end of this hunt, take as long as you need.

    Q. How do I get Rosa Neons?
    A. From any current or future hunt box (Lite, Timer, Ec). The roses will only show in boxes when you have the quest to collect them. They are not giftable.

    Q. What will happen if I get all the masks at once?
    A. Currently, we haven't seen any major issues so it will probably be fine. The items you collect / tasks you complete will count towards both story lines as long as you have that part active at the same time.

    Q. What's up with the September 24th date?
    A. The stories will not be available in the store after September 24th but they will still be available to gift.

    Q. How do I get the Black Lantern?
    A. There will be 1 Black Lantern at the end of the 1m questline and 2 more in the 99ec questline.
    These Black Lanterns will automatically combine with the Crystal Masks M/F to create your avatar.
    Check out the Story Tiers & Rewards thread for more information.

    Q. I bought 4 masks and only have 2 stories, what's up with that?
    A. Everyone starts off with the 1m m/f questline. The VIP questline will start immediately after the 1m questline ends.

    Q. I heard you need to gift a story pass as part of the VIP story, is that true?
    A. Yes, but you will be rewarded 100ec for doing so, ie. a full refund.
    Check out the Story Tiers & Rewards thread to see all the tasks and rewards.

    Locking this thread now, feel free to contact me or post on the announcement thread if anyone has any more questions
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.