LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Black. Friday. 2023.

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  1. There was an oversight where the purse was allowed to be gifted/traded but was fixed -- some people traded them before it was fixed so they have multiples.
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  2. Dang ATA do yall ever get tired of disappointing us, this whole Black Friday event is a no 🫠
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  3. Anyone else notice the Black Friday exclusive deal in Molly’s that makes EC more expensive than usual? 475 ec for $49.99 without a social box. 🤨
  4. Which Avis are the ones for the monthly being back?
  5. you can check my showcase for the box titled “Monthly Avatar Legacy Box” for a in-depth look at each avi but here’s a quick ss of the profiles. [​IMG]
  6. Shouldn't the items combine in some way?
  7. I thought so too but nothing happened, they're just sitting there...
  8. When will the 5 items combine or was it another glitch or delay maybe?
  9. Update now support is asking where it said they would combine to which I'd say it was in the items descriptions in Molly's and they had it once it was picked up but miraculously–it's not there anymore. Like why would we all collectively lie and say we'd thought they'd combine if it didn't say that SOMEWHERE, it just conveniently doesn't say that now because who would think to SS that?
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  10. The description says (Until Tuesday, log in once a day and grab an exclusive collectible stat item here! Collect all 5) doesn’t say anything about them combining into anything? I have the ss cause a server I’m in 😶‍🌫️
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  11. I think a lot of people thought they’d combine because it was a “collectible set” and also encouraged players to wait to the end of the event to see all the surprises. It didn’t necessarily insinuate there being a combinable item. But I can understand how the wording was confusing since it said “set” which is similar to spinners.
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  12. Yeah already spoke to support they said: Gotcha. I can flag that copy error with our team but I do not believe these items were meant to be combined. Previous BF collection items did but that was changed due to players complaining if they missed one.
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