LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Black. Friday. 2023.

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  1. Go to shop, scroll to trending and then scroll all the way over and you’ll see a pinkish monthly avatar legacy box.
  2. I keep getting the “Black Friday Offer Wall + 100% Sale” notification, but I can’t see anything different with the offers or EC prices. What is this supposed to mean? What is being boosted 100%?
  3. This 100% bonus is for the Tapjoy and RevU Offer Walls (Earn Free ECs buttons) in the shop! You get 2x as many ECs for completing the offers as you normally would.
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  4. I love the throwback avatars being brought back but I dislike that they're in boxes and left up to chance. Especially since they aren't at the very least separated by masc and fem!
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  5. I’ve purchased two things from Tapjoy and haven’t received any rewards. How often are they delayed? Anyone else having this issue or is it just me? I reached out to their customer support this morning and never heard back. :/
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  6. I usually received mine that day or a few days later. Sometimes you’ll have to wait a day or so but I’ve always gotten my rewards when I purchased or signed up for anything so hopefully it won’t be long for you
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  7. And that there's only a limit of 6 boxes 💔
  8. Why does this raven trade not work? I'm trying to trade a Raven for a Raven and we both get the prompt that we can't hold anymore of them making it impossible for players late in the game to trade. This is stupid on ATA
  9. 🧎🏻‍♀️ Where do I sell my soul for an ec cash boost?
  10. I will personally gift a rock and flash anyone who gets me the stupid boost

  11. Hi so you don’t trade 1:1. You trade your Raven and the person sends a box, bento ( anything that’s tradeable). Then they trade their Raven to you and you trade back whatever.
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  12. Ok so I found a way to work with this.
    Player A and Player B have 2 ravens.
    Player A sells one of those ravens to someone else. Now player A has 1 raven.
    Player B then tades 1 raven to Player A and A sends back a box or something. Once that trade completes, Player A trades a raven to Player B. And it's worked out well when I had that issue. 🥺
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  13. Once you have an activated raven, you cannot receive further raven. Also you won't be able to receive them from party anymore.
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  14. For the avatar bags, can they still be traded once they leave the shop?
  15. As long as the avi has not been open and is still in its box, yes you can still trade it.
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  16. The daily free stats should be tradeable. Max of 250 but can’t be gifted or trade. Fix it
  17. Loving all of this! Confused though because the Free daily stat items say 'max 250' but they aren't tradable? How am I supposed to get max of them lol 💜
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  18. my pup atm somehow has 2 studded leather purse😳😂
  19. i see some other ppl have more than 1 as well, but only the purse, not the items of other day🤔🧐