!!!Black Friday 2017!!!!

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  1. Lol where’s our free stuff for server being down
  2. Server down isn’t the problem. The problem is the cat/cp/promo time that was wasted in the downtime.
  3. I appreciate you getting the server back up. However, my CP expired. Will you please credit me? Also, I had 6 open dorms. All 50 were opened. Why can't I open #51? Please explain. Do all the 50 rooms have to be filled first? Thank you very much for your attention to this. No rush for mine, though.
  4. Tap.....Tap...tap...tipi...tipi...tap..TAP!!! :?
  5. I didnt get a reward!!!
  6. We're making sure everything is totally good and then will be hooking you guys up with some good ****. <3
  7. Are you also extending the promo time?
  8. The promos still have 4 full days remaining. We won't be extending them.
  9. So I’ve lost my 9T, I was bumping my friends Tut and when she hired back, I never got my money back?
  10. Still didn’t get the dn we are supposed to get everyday
  11. That mirror selfie Avi looks so much like an Australian Facebook star, Jackson O’Doherty
  12. I am not getting 5x payout in catcafe
  13. Your maintenance should of been done prior to lunching this promo. Don't you test first? The lagging and kicking out of the game is horrible. This is the second time you went down. Get it together.
  14. 3rd time now
  15. Make that third time.
  16. Your both right, third time. 3x to many. TEST FIRST before you introduce anything.
  17. There is no issue for this to be happening. The lagging, the system crashing .
  18. I’m confused as to what items combine with what.. because none of mine have combined, but I feel I have gotten them all, unless I’m not seeing some
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.