!!!Black Friday 2017!!!!

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  1. Get ready for the biggest Black Friday yet!

    What You're Getting This Black Friday!

    All promos are below available until Noon PST on Tuesday, November 28th.
    5x Cat Cafe
    50% off Hypnocats
    Care Pack Notices on sale for 39 ECs
    1 free Doctor's Note for each day you login

    It doesn't end there! Until Tuesday, you'll have a chance to get your hands on the following:

    Black Friday Avatar Boxes!

    These Boxes are available at the Store to purchase for Cash and cost 200 ECs to open. Each Box contains a guaranteed avatar, and you'll never get the same one twice!

    There's a masculine and feminine Box, so choose one (or both) to your liking! Note that each box contains 6 Avatars and can only be opened six times.

    Here's a sneak peak of some avatars in each Box!

    Black Friday Gift Box!

    This Box is available at the Gift Store to send for 20 EC. Whoever you gift it to can open it with Cash! It contains special stat items so surprise the people you tolerate in this game!

    Once again, for those who missed it because they never really read forum posts and then get mad at ATA when things disappear: the promos above are all available until Noon PST on Tuesday, November 28th.

    Permanent Additions to the Store

    ATA take-eth away and ATA give-eth back.

    New Permanent Gifts and RS Secret Shop Gifts

    Check out these beautiful new gifts to send the people you *actually* like on this game! Over the next several months, we will continue to add more permanent Gifts and RS Gifts, so keep an eye out ;)

    New Packs

    We added 3 new packs to Molly's Corner in the Store! JD, Molly and Tess' pets represent these awesome new packs (can you guess which is whose?). Each Pack gives you a showcase item (yay, PERCENTAGE STAT BONUS), as well as ECs and DNs!

    The packs contain the following:

    JD's Pal Pack: 25 EC, 5 DN, and an exclusive 4%cs item!

    Molly's BFF Bundle: 160 EC, 20 DN, and an exclusive 8%cs item!

    Tess' Confidante Combo: 550 EC, 50 DN, and an exclusive 12%cs item!

    These are one-time purchases so you can only buy each Pack once but they'll be in the Store forever-ish.

    New Event!

    See the event forum post for details!

    New Features!

    An all new way to share the fun with your club mates! Surprise them with avatars and stat items whenever you purchase ECs or DNs for yourself!

    See our Club Purchase Rewards forum post for more details!

    For those who want to maximize their PimD experience!

    See our VIP Lounge forum post for more details.

    You guessed it! Check out your dorm tower for all new dormmates and floors!

    Have an incredible Black Friday everyone!

  2. "For the people you tolerate in this game"..ATA you know us so well. ?
  3. Hi I bought cats few min. ago and its 50% off already but I payed 69 ecs each :( why is this happening? Tell me T.T
  4. For a few minutes after the change was made this may have happened. We will take care of anyone affected.

  5. Thank you so much!
  6. Same. Good to know
  7. Oh my gosh so much happening at once , I love it!
  8. Opening cp even if we have is 39ecs?
  9. 600 ecs for all those avatars? So many people hopping on that.
    So overpowered/cheap for those who spend. I hate it.
  10. I got charges full price for cats made a complaint so just be careful?
  11. 200 ecs? Y’all mean 100
  12. If we buy the bags, do they (the ones bought) disappear once promo is over.? ?
  13. probably  hope not though
  14. Thanks for letting us know. The Forum post is correct. There was a pricing error (100 ecs... y'all think we're crazy!? 200 is already crazy!). The in-game price is being updated.
  15. Same with the black Friday furniture boxes? Stay or go?
  16. O y’all tried it
  17. The bags and boxes will not disappear. Note that you can only open each bag 6 times (there are only 6 avatars in each and you can only get each one once). So if you want you can buy 6 with cash and wait until you have enough EC to open them post Black Friday, or if you're so inclined you could open 6 and buy 6 more for absolutely no reason.
  18. I didn’t get my free dn I’m distraught
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