black butler

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  1. I’m going black butler rp Ciel x Sebastian ? must be Male x Male
  2. Can you not
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  3. I mean... I'm all for Black Butler but Ciel a child. 🙃 so I don't think we're down for that.
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  4. @Trendsetting could be a black butler if he even had skills... yes u can run fast out the store after stealing shoes but what else are u good for?
  5. You look like you and Pope Francis were best friends. You look like he found salvation in your mouth
  6. Sounds like the beginning to a racist story
  7. It’s an anime, the butler is a demon and that’s about all I remember of it
  8. so he's a demon because he's Black? Wow that is racist
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  9. No he’s white
  10. And it’s set in England
  11. Oh so now they're trying to get their racial views across that Whites are dominant over Blacks. Fucked up
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  12. Well it is an anime

    Different anime, same point
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  13. I think you thought I was being serious at first, and then you caught on that I'm just fucking around 😂
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  14. Those are not the actual subs to what they're saying in japanese =[ but that's a golden dub
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