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  1. I know there was already a thread on birthdays (but idk). Anyways I want to find my birthday twin! And I’m sure y’all do too so comment down below your birthday. I’m sure you’ll find someone at least close.

    Mine’s May 2 ?
  2. you know there's a thread for this already, but.. you cluttered forums anyway? i- well, okay tyen.
  3. August 24th
  4. Hey me too
  5. April 15th
  6. Twinsies ?
  7. What day was Jesus born?
  8. Cause I wasn't born on that day.
  9. Sometime in the winter but no one actually knows so they settled on the 25th which is actually the date of a pagan holiday
  10. Damn.. you're always answering my questions. Oh, you are so knowledgeable and wise. Would you please be my personal encyclopedia? I feel like I can learn lots from you.
  11. o no stroking my ego pls. I already think i am smarter than i am ty
  12. I will stroke your ego until I can't stroke any longer, k? You are the smartest there is, everyone has already acknowledged such fact bb.
  13. *dies from narcissistic overload*
  14. Oof.. let us be buried next to each other.. for further adventures await us in the afterlife and beyond.
  15. Sounds good. Go live a life full of many thots before you join me doe