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  1. Just for promoting this game in my locality via Facebook, Instagram..
  2. Promting
  3. If you're promoting PIMD to people outside of the game, there's no need to post it in the game's forum where literally every member plays PIMD.
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  4. But posting it in the game is pointless
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  5. TOTALLY support! i am sittimg this one out and my cat club is considering pausing. nobody wants the avis. the dorm is garish. and there are SOOOOO many people with clown fears that having to collect clown masks are making them sit out just because of that.

    HUGE fail ATA....gonna go enjoy some other activity, sorry ATA, this just isn't a good hunt.
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  6. This ain’t it chief
  7. When I hear “Big Top Energy” a circus isn’t what to think of, tbh
  8. (Send any unwanted theme furniture my way. Please.)
    I love the avatars and furniture.
  9. You're not alone Lady Sansa