Beloved Foods

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  1. The other day my friend told me he thought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were gross and I choked. What is something delicious and beloved that you dislike. Personally, I hate most fruit when not in the form of jelly
  2. My entire family loves seafood, specifically shellfish. And I’m horribly allergic, so I’m not a fan 🤒
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  3. The more I learn about you, the more odd I find you 🤐 Altho allergies are no joke
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  4. Spam
    Pb&J (Depending on the jam)
    Honey (Pretty much in general)
    Blue Cheese (Unless it’s with wings)
    Fresh tomatoes

    That’s all I can think of for now
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  5. This kills me a little, because I love tomatoes 🥺
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  6. I like ketchup & tomato soup but I just can’t eat fresh tomatoes. I think it’s the texture of them. My mom is the same way.
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  7. That’s me with like avocado actually, so I feel.
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  8. Hmmm we're opposite. I love fresh tomatoes but hate ketchup and tomato products
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  9. I hate avocados, mushrooms, and all seafood.
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  10. Eeeew. Pb&Js are repulsive.

    Tbh it's an assumption based on how it smells since I'm allergic to peanuts. 🌚

    Uuum. I like to eat almost everything when it's properly prepared (that I'm not allergic to, some I'm allergic to I love anyway and thats really the bigger problem ).
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  11. Tomato sauce. Except for on pizza, but even when it's on pizza I only like a little bit of tomato sauce. I like my pastas with other sauces, particularly pesto and alfredo.
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  12. Same, I used to be fine with Marinara on my pasta but now I hate it.
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  13. Yeah, I flip flop sometimes on my likes/dislikes too. Some stuff I liked as a child I don't like now and vice versa.
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  14. 😔 this hurts my heart
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  15. Sorry :( It's a texture thing
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  16. I hate parsley
    Balsamic vinegar
    Corned beef
    Boiled cabbage
    Corn (except baby corn)
    Mussels/oysters/most white fish
    Horseradish and wasabi
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  17. I don't recall if you follow kosher or not, but if you are is the pork because of that or do you just genuinely dislike pork? Or a bit of both
  18. Bit of both.

    I prefer basically any other kind of meat.
  19. Ketchup. Also i hate onions

    Also cupcakes, regular cake and buttercream icing are overrated.
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  20. I'm not fond of chilli and anything that is spicy. I don't hate Mexican food though as someone thought I disliked it
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