Basket Cases

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  1. Tbh I don’t even see where premium parties are mentioned here
  2. I’m pretty sure the premium parties they were talking about are the usual cat cafe and pizza pop art.
  3. it was a joke. didn’t know a bunch of you would be so triggered. go post a gif or something LOL
  5. Sorry sis you’re just not funny
  6. Te qifsha nonen dhe ha mut :wink:
  7. ok and what about it?
  8. i’m jk ily ciara and your gifs!!! :D
  9. isnt it past ur bed time kid
  10. That's what I was wondering
  11. Leaderboards usually take a couple days or so before being seen, it’s only like 2 days into the hunt y’all chill
  12. Can someone tell me how to get the avis for the quests.
  14. So how do we see the club leaderboards? Cause it’s kinda crappy that we don’t know 
  15. So how is the blonde girl Avi won/obtained? I don't see her on the rewards for any of the leaderboard stories.
  16. From next side stories?
  17. It’s up now currently
  18. I don’t like how the next side story female avi looks. Her face looks kinda odd.