Back when PimD used to be a better game ...

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  1. when ata actually listened and cared, wait my bad that never happened
  2. Uh no, they did. Just to the wrong things.

    People asked for more chances to get care packages. People asked for free things. People asked for the damn spinner. I lost count of how many spinner idea threads were made. They listened to the party fairy people. They listened to the lazy people about how it used to be so hard to get the damn avis because "everyone had work and school, everyone has a life."
  3. so they made ridiculous non stop hunts with a lame chance to get gifts
  4. Yup. We can't say they never listened lols. We cant say they listened to the "wrong" people either. They listened but only implement one side of PIMD. The only thing I know that can help the war side is the chance to obtain free DNs - rare but still a chance.
  5. when pimd was less rp oriented
  6. When I joined only the bro code parties was out & pay sucked hella bad even after completion. So inactive farming was your best way to make money. Players would even farm others if they gave out inactive farms.

    Friends would have convos on a farms wall to make them look active. Players cried on farms walls if they were always dtw and thinking ppl over hit. Finding regen times of farms was the thing to do. Coming up with anyways you could to hit your farm on time or be mad if you were 10 secs late n farm was dtw.

    When doing 4 ppl ugs was hella great bcuz it was so much harder to ug. Not many players were bc either. So if you hit bc dayum wc lit up with congrats, wall posts mad crazy, and gifts. Now its just like pfffft ok next hunt plz.

    When ata had started hunts we only got them every few mths. You could relax build tb, stats, and hit wars mad crazy. Hunts back then were way more fun.

    Wars omg best thing about pimd. I've met more players who became great friends in war. Funny part was most of them were always on opp. With them beating my ass or me showing them what a true spanking was. When you had players you looked up to in wars. If they ever joined opp you wanted to cry :cry: nooooo. If they joined you your jaw dropped. You would get so excited from that war, you just jumped to another war right after. Didn't matter if you had already been up 28hrs or more. Red bull was your go to drink to keep going. I remember I used to get lots of red bulls and snacks bcuz I planned to jump wars for the next 2 days or so.

    Wc was so much fun back then. So many convo going on with friends. Club ads wasn't as much as now either. You didn't see much at all rp request wise til late at night. Even then it was few.

    In the end the game was more fun back then. Players had more respect for each other & it was way more fun. Your club even became somewhat family to you. Now days its hard to find that. If ppl had an issue many just did a small war and ate up the rest after war n moved on. It was less stressful. Players even had more respect for wars. They wouldn't hit or hire tuts.

    I'm ranting of what was and will never be again :lol:
  7. Lol Bro Step Brah was the hardest party there was
  8. Staying on for the whole war was very common and your brain would hurt and you would have work 4 hours after war ended so you would just power nap like two hours then take a shower and have a redbull and go to work for the week then on weekend join another weekend war
  9. When the 32nd Dorm was 32Bill but you only made 4Million first hit and couldnt even T3 lcbc because of that dorm  and Bosen was the most valueable player at 302Bill takes like 3 days to get 300B now ? #MissigTheOldDays
  10. Back when there was only the basic avatars 

    Mine was the "party animal"
  11. ? Where are ur signs?
  12. I remember the wars I helped in, made friends from the other side too. Good times.
  13. When people merc for wars. 
  14.  well said, well said
  15. Just a quick question dan, are you by chance a 1st gen or 2nd gen?
  16. Depends on the time frame each was
  17. B4 and after parties I'm guessing
  18. I'm waaaaay before parties.

    I find it hard to distinguish between 1st and 2nd gen, because I started January 26, 2011 and the game was released December 22, 2010.
    I started just about 1 month after the game was released. But I felt so far behind when I started, most game mechanics we were expected to learn on our own (which most did). Many players were T2 BC while I was started. I felt so out of league 

    I kinda feel 1st gen are the people who started within the first couple weeks, and 2nd gen are those who come in afterwards. Then the 3rd gen was some time around when T3 and T4 were released.