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  1. Hi, everyone. I desperately need a lot of help from all of you. Please help me by voting for my 6-month-old son's first contest.


    You can vote everyday until 16th of October 7PM Philippine Time.

    Thank you so much.
  2. Done and good luck! :eek:
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  3. Thank you!
  4. What exactly is the contest for? I feel weird about supporting stage parents
  5. That's a very cute baby.
  6. Gerber baby: Philippine edition
  7. That's a demin not a kid his eyes is just black 😶
  8. He's asian...asian ppl have dark brown eyes.
  9. Ooooo mine is blue
  10. I don’t wanna vote but like personally I find it creepy when parents force their very young children into pageants or film or whatever the case. It’s kinda unfair and you create a life they will have to live as they get older. Those snotty pageant kids are terrible and some of the parents are just living through their kids and allowing bad behavior. Terrible mix (not saying this is the case here, good luck to the child)
  11. This, and also i feel weird about people sharing pictures or information of their kids on platforms like this.
  12. Sarah said that to when she was saying me about why it bad to show pics of Tyler or Luke or Katelyn n or pics that like show where live n what the house look like 😮
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  13. Not cute enough.. sorry
  14. Besides feeling weird about you showing off pics of your baby on here, I scrolled through a few of the others, and I'm just not sure yours is the cutest tbh. Lot of cute babies on there. How am I supposed to choose just one!? I've decided not to participate.
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