Avi gender selection PLEASE

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  1. PLEASE!!!

    Can we get it to where we can select either Female, Male or Either for our Avis?

    Give a one time selection for free and then charge ECs for changing just as you do our names.

    my Avi vault is FULL of Avis i will NEVER use simply because selecting a male avi is not for me. Conversations are full of this complaint. i know some people don't care and thus giving the both option is available.

    Thank You kindly!
  2. Can i get a "all" option so i automatically get all of the avis ever? 🤷‍♀️
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  3. a QOL feature i don't support. you already get both male&female. avi selection is easier than ever. more avis = proof you've been playing a long time/spend a lot of money/are really lucky.

    I see nothing but cons with the "charging ec when changing" because people will just call ATA money hungry for yet another reason.
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  4. i mean technically there aren't "male" or "female" avis. ata officially refers to them as "masculine" and "feminine", so they do not officially have a gender. they've even made androgynous avis, too.
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  5. There's a conspiracy that there is a higher chance of getting the opposite sex from the avatars you usually use. Personally, I have won wayy more female avatars than male 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  6. If i won a vegetable spiralizer by chance somewhere, i wouldn't demand they give me a choice of something else. You know damn well imma take it home proudly and let it sit in my cupboard, unused.
  7. I like conspiracies.
  8. TBH it is low key annoying when I open Hunt boxes and get male avas that I’m really never going to use. But I think this is a case where they’re kinda “in too deep” to make changes now. And like any company ATA likes their money so they would rather have you spend EC trying to get what you want than ensure that if you win an ava from a box that it’s your preferred gender.
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  9. I usually win female avatars. They might just have a higher drop rate than male avatars?
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  10. No support
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  11. Mmm nah. The gender of a bunch of pixels on a mobile application make no difference in my life, especially seeing as avatars are just masc or fem so I'll just use one related to whatever mood I'm in. If I feel like a strong independent woman today, you bet your fine ass I'm gonna use an ava that says that
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  12. Yes, I want an easier way to get the Avis I desire. Do I support this? No. Because I would have already gotten my favorite Avi last year and where's the fun in that? You earn what you get and you appreciate it more after working your butt off. Also you would spend less money and that's a big no no here lol.
  13. Yea throw in non binary also
  14. Or just use the male avi and troll people. make the best of it.
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  15. and here i am, already spent a ton on this game and been playing for almost 2 years but i never got avis from ANY boxes yet but did u here me whine? getting even one male avi from a hunt box or any boxes would already be a huge blessing to me 😭

    my luck is just sh..ty i know but still 😭 just be thankful you're getting those male avi
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  16. Build your own custom avatar. Put specific parts of an Ava together (face, upper torso, thighs and legs). 500 ec each attempt.
  17. @Oni wasn't that you that made those cronenberg avis? Reminds me of this.
  18. I don’t believe I’ve ever published any of my avatar creations thought my memory is poor so maybe I did?
  19. It wasn't a drawing, it was like 5 avis edited together. My memory is shıt too