Avatars in Real

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  1. I love this thread lol
  2. Great Thread. ?
    Idk why I feel bad about this though.
    Shows the real "picture" of inspiration ?
    Hang up the boots #creativeteam
  3. I know one of the avi's is MC Hammer.

  4. Thanks Pink for helping me bbcode?
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  5. o ?
  6. ?
  7. Welp
  8. Her name is leelo but to pimd it's loolee, and its multipass not mooltipass lol
  9.  favorite thread.

  10. See when i first saw the guy avi, it reminded me of Charles from Grey's Anatomy...

  11. I like it when they're inspired from fictional characters. But finding random people and then using that..idk.
  12. Isn't some sort of consent required to use someone's likeness? Especially if you're making money off of it...
  13. There's is thicker with a bigger chest
  14. Pimd should move this to best of
  15. I'm sure that there is
  16. Lol technically those avatars are free right?
  17. I woke up and saw this. Thanks guys :)