Avatars in Real

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  1. Literally all their doing is tracing lol
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  2. There's a scarf one for that massive scarf Avi.
  3. Gosh  youre all figuring this out now ? Slow...

  4. He's hawt?
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  5. Super hot
  6. Lol at the end of the day they just avis
  7. Re: Avatars in Real wow

    Why am I so fascinated by this 
  8. Not shocking to see all of this. Apparently "creative" at ATA means something different than it does at any other company.
  9. That one is questionable ?
  10. By being weird
  11. Damn. Never thought I'd see people pulling out receipts on the apes.
  12. 
  13. So much exposure, the creative team needs to get a bit more creative ?
  14. more like uncreative team
  15. Pretty much
  16. Ok but a lot of these are inspired avis. Like The Guardian of the Galaxy avi is inspired by the movie
  17. Lol good thread