Avatars in Real

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  1. you’re doing great sweetie
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  2. Can you just not?
  3. Not what?
  4. [​IMG]
    Shovel Knight is Chris Evans, confirmed by [ATA]Rogers’ status

  5. YASS
  6. Thought it was the singer "gnash"
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  7. Bit of a stretch. 🤣
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  8. That dress is stunning omg
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  9. I want that dress
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  10. Oh yeah, I can help with that too.... Please hold
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  11. Oops. I took too long to edit 🙃

    "Blue Tulle V Neck Flying Sleeve Prom Dress ML597"

    Honestly, I'd buy that to wear to more than just prom. It is gorgeous. The price seems right for the quality portrayed.
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