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  1. All the color schemes this hunt are very 90s. And just as terrible to look at as I remember them being the first time around ?
  2. Ooo I love that they used jubilee as inspiration since her powers are firework blasts! It’s fitting for 4th of July ️
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  3. She totally reminds me of Hayley Kiyoko
  4. Let's just post some avi ideas so that they copy the desings we like :D
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  5. I found the outfit for the Grunge Down avi on Pinterest, don't know how to post a photo though
  6. I bumped a thread for you but incase you miss it here’s a Link
  7. That might be the best idea I’ve heard 
  8. Make this a new thread. People can insert basic ideas or insperation drawings/photos. Doesnt need to clog this thread.
  9. there's lots of threads created for this, go search for one instead
  10. Ata’s version looks a little nicer
  11. I love that the side story avi is inspired by Lana Condor
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  12. I just saw this Cheetos and KFC commercial. The skater girl from last hunt kinda looks like her, except for the ripped up skinny jeans

    Sorry. Too lazy to post pics
  13. That commercial makes me want to 🤮
  14. Whoa
  15. What hunt is this avatar from? Never seen it before
  16. It's from the latest VIP box shard avatars
  17. [​IMG]

    Ariana Grande inspired avatar in July avatars
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