Avatars in Real

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  1. Nobody got time for dis? Just tell meh 
  2. Wow! ?
    This is actually pretty messed up.
  3. Lol i always thought that the ava was snoop dogg :lol:
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  4. They should change like the clothes or at least the postures to make it less obvious LOL
  5. Lol changed the blunt to a lollipop
  6. I feel like my avatar is a Justin Beiber remake, I have a similar pic, but I can't get the code to post
  7. There is a Rihanna avatar ?
  8. Cool!! :)

  9. Rihanna is an avatar?...never knew it.
    Anyways thanks to Pink the best sister ever?
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  10. ? you're welcome boo!
  11. wha? Wow...
  12. Omg it's Buffy no wonder I love it so much
  13. There's a Carly Rae Jepson avi too.Its an old one tho.?
  14. 10/10 best thread