Avatars in Real

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  1. SB Wannable Rapper (James Franco)

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  3. Omg she's real?
  4. Are all their avi's stolen LOL?
  5. apparently ?
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  6. Apparently no credits :)
  7. I donut even know how to feel rn.
  8. I was just being nice like the nice person I am ️️️ :?
  9. A good half of them
  10. I wish I could tell the real life people >~<
  11. How do you even post pictures on forums? ='-'=
  12. what types of pictures you wana post? i don't wana teach you what you may use in evil ways in future
  13. Evil ways? LOL [/quote]
  15. yes like failing a quote maybe ^
  16. Forgive me sir :)
  17. appology rejected
  18. #No support