CONTEST WINNERS Avatar/Pet Design Contest Winners

Discussion in 'Contests' started by [ATA]Zelda, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. The girl ava looks like catriona gray
  2. Still upset the worst option of avis won
  3. Congratulations ? they look so good. Thank you to the artist ???
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  4. Nice, finally some well made, good looking avatars. I hope the ata art team is taking some notes here. I hope we get more amazing skins like this from other people and gamers and hopefully the game team, I’d even submit my own at this rate ? need a cool Lucifer ava :p
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  5. Give me 4 diamonds
  6. I want this ava
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  7. Ohhh yess
  8. I would buy them but I don't have enough
  9. Thats really good
  10. Cool avatars i need 50 credits ??
  11. I am determined to have this avi before it disappears. 💕
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  12. can we have a monthly avi design contest or we have that already?
  13. Sad I missed out on this. I’d love to design some 😍
  14. ikr?
  15. @Trendsetting can we get a pet based on jaco? wait nvm we already have the pet rat