Avatar Gifting

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  1. And like, obviously ATA would make it against the rules like they do with furniture and the like. But it can be difficult to enforce as sometimes the farmer skirts around moderated chats to say that the furni is the end goal, and then they are noobs (or people that don't bother to read ToU) that just aren't aware it is against the rules. It's still a big issue with furniture and I don't see it getting under control anytime in the near future. We shouldn't add more fuel to the fire by adding another EC value item that is arguably even more desirable than a piece of furni.
  2. The final day this app ever exists will be the first day they allow trading Avis and we’ll still have to pay ?
  3. No support, sorry
  4. I like wearing male avis sometimes tho. Some of them are nicer than the female ones
  5. Why do people constantly ask for this?
  6. Nooo stop thissss
  7. Wouldnt it be against ToU to farm for avatars since they cost ecs and not pimd money?
  8. most definitely. especially since you actually purchase some of them with ec in the first place.
  10. Ok so given how often this thread is made, what really puzzles me is how there’s always this stampede of more experienced players bumping it ad nauseum.

    Like... why isn’t one nope and redirection to all the previous threads enough? What are you all in such a frenzy to prove?
  11. Support 1000%! The forums get old seeing these!
  13. If avatar trading happened
    watch someone sell a noob Avi for 130bentos
  14. I would love being able to trade avi's!
  15. I hope ata consider making avi bags tradeable one day
  16. Now this I could get behind.
  18. Gifting the avatar directly from the store with no option to actually trade avatars might be neat if you have very... let’s say giving friends.
  19. NO SUPPORT ?