Attention Marcie

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  1. I stole Marcie's Nugget

    I shall be holding it hostage till a "Rp with Dev" feature is implemented into the game or else I'm Stealing ClapTraps fridge next.

    ~Consider yourselves warned~

    (yes I am bored)
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  2. free the nugget
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  3. Eat it you say?
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  4. Eat the nugget
  5. Do not eat the nugget
  6. Who cares?

    Nothing is stopping you from rp'ing in help tickets.

    Brown nose them in there.
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  7. While we are talking to Marcie, I’d like to know when we can stop gifting her daily on KOH. Notifs annoy me so I keep doing it but it’s getting old tbh. And she never ever returns anymore.
  8. Dear Marcie,

    Idk you. Bring back Mike, Ruby, and Jordan.

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  9. Everyone except Strange is boring and I think Strange quit or smthing
  10. Devs are quitting too?🌚
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  11. Fr like who tf likes this app? Ppl who are paid to be here aren't staying
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  12. That's why so many are incompetent and know less than experienced players, these days.

    Turnover is so high, and like half of them (and I would hazard a guess that ALL of the seniors) just do art and bs like that.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. How dare you
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  15. Strange is still a dev
  16. O weird. He disappeared from the general app