ATA this is just stupid

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  1. Was definitely bad wording.
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  2. No need to send a ticket because the cash pass doesn't give an avatar
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  3. Wow wouldn't you tell people that before hand. All the others did. What a ridiculous way to try to scam people into buying. So I spent money for tiers for nothing because on a normal I am unable to get the ec tiers with timer boxes and most parties take over 1hr 30 min to complete. Thank you all. My wife and I are done spending on here and supporting ata.
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  4. Um, they did. Its on the forum post 🤷
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  5. Don't care. It's a game. Have fun.
  6. Here’s the original post. They actually do state that you’ll need the VIP story pass in order to get the avatars.
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  7. Precisely 😂
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  8. What I don’t understand is why they still ask you if you want a feminine or masculine avatar with the cash version of the story pass if they weren’t gonna give you an avatar anyway, which is extremely misleading. It sounds like they just duplicated the vip pass version and took out the prize. I don’t get why they would have to even make a cash version if we weren’t gonna get much out of it anyway. It’s just wasted time and effort.
  9. I mean it’s better than nothing js
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  10. For 1m it’s a pretty good deal actually. If you look at the items you get, you’d typically have to pay ecs for some of them.
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  11. Which is ridiculous bc the game used to be do an event get a certain number of items and get the avatar but oh that was 5 or 6 years ago
  12. Me regretting my time wasted to get an avi i wont even be getting, because ata not only isnt allowing it as a giftable thing, but they wont even give you one avi... And ya manage to lose hope in ata again.. 💔
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  13. We
    😂 but we do get nothing at the end... so it is a waste of time
  14. "Purchase this item to start the exclusive story "a rain of peach blossoms" And earn rewards such as evolving avatars, stat items, and consumables! |"a golden chinese incense burner decorated with a lotus blossom design" -1m pass

    Lets talk about the false advertisement here :')
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  15. We did.
  16. Read the forum post. It specifically says that the Premium Pass unlocks the avatars
  17. They're referring to the fact that the actual $1M story pass has in it's description that it contains avatars, which should have been removed from the description even if the forum post clarifies that it doesn't contain them.
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  18. Honestly... I’m getting fed up.. if they need more help get more mods to help them out. I understand everyone has their own plates filled up with their own lives... but don’t go messing with other people’s head with false advertising ATA... this isn’t the first time they did false advertising either. And ATA.. doesn’t even bother to look at the feedback section most likely 😂 so I see no point in complaining and giving feedback... if they aren’t going to see it 😂 but... I guess that’s all we can do 🤷🏻‍♀️
  19. I actually never noticed the description 😮 I personally always read the thread for full information.

    Though badly worded (and false advertising for sure), I still think you get items that’s are worth more than 1m 🥴
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  20. I agree!

    Unfortunately majority of users don't check forums. Or at least read the posts fully. Heh
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