ATA this is just stupid

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  1. So I regret not looking the choices on their routes for Rain for Peach Blossoms quest. When I chose justice it literally is XC tier after XC tier...? How do you expect me to get all these XC? The free XC wall isn’t even free because 85% of the offers are legit just fucking retarded because you would still need to subscribe to another thing. You guys are being so ridiculous. I understand that you guys need money to run the app... but seriously? For an event option... you want us to spend extra extra extra money? ESPECIALLY DURING A TIME WHERE MONEY IS TIGHT BECAUSE OF A PANDEMIC????? YOU GUYS ARE ABSURD.
  2. You actually don’t have to do the Extracredible XC. You can do Collectathon, the one for hunt drops.

    Did you confuse XC with EC?
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  3. Even still... for a casual player to even move on in this game it is close to impossible. This game has turned into a pay money to move on type of game.
  4. The Collectathon XC isn’t bad though. I completed the tasks quickly without having to spend money.

    Also each time Collectathon comes out, you can just complete the first tier.
  5. That is for you darling... probably because you have the resources to do so. For someone like me that recently started out and can’t do much and is stuck... I can’t do the Collectathon with ease. And the problem is I can’t even collect 7 tiers.. and even when I finish the quest I don’t even get an avi... so yes. I still standby saying ATA is really being stupid.
    I agree with this 100% This proves that they could’ve thought this through more
  6. You’re not really listening to what I’m saying 🥴 You don’t need money to collect drops. And you don’t need resources. I could make a new account and still effectively get drops for my stats.

    Yes, it’s obviously going to be more work for a newer/smaller player. But all I’m saying is it doesn’t require spending and it’s not impossible.
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  7. Collectathon really isn't too hard though, if you have a few timer boxes and speed them up and open your 2 lite boxes you should get the first tier no problem. And that's without using money or ecs
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  8. No I know... lmao 😂 you don’t need money to do it. Duly noted. You don’t need resources duly noted. You could make an account and still get drops. Alright. Heard you. I’m just saying for you it might not be hard... but for others it might be close to impossible or at let me rephrase feel like it is close to impossible without having to do anything.
  9. save your lite boxes/timer boxes till it's collectathon xc hour and you get 500 drops pretty easily?
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  10. I mean, this isn’t about me though 😳 But like Rosie said it’s really reasonable. I don’t really get where you’re going with this.
  11. You can also finish collectathon by hoarding lite boxes. It just takes longer than if you spend. Yeah, it's disappointing to not get an avi after all that hard work, but since you already know you won't get an avi after all that hard work, either give up on the cash pass entirely or just spend the entirety of 90 days slowly going through it if you're not going to buy the VIP pass anyway.
  12. Open those speed up boxes your hoarding and get speed ups to open your timer boxes and open them when the Collect XC pops up. Its really not as difficult as you're making it seem. Save lite boxes, open timers with your FREE speed ups. And Bam 1-2 tiers done and repeat till u finish 7.
  13. Oh and also theres a thread called Story Tiers & Rewards (sorry I don't know how to link it) but it tells you what tasks each options give as they are found. I suggest you look at that as well before you make your next choices.
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  14. Here’s the link to the thread mentioned
    There are some that are pretty easy to do so I’d recommend reading through the choice tasks
  15. Thanks for the link 🥰 I really need to figure out how to do that 💀😂
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  16. Well I did the 1,000 dollar option. Figured you would get at least the 1 tier avatar but I finished no avatar and then went to send a ticket and it keeps saying ata is offline? Hmmmm ???
  17. 😂 I’m confused too
  18. There aren’t avatars in the rewards for the non VIP pass.
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  19. Then why label the non VIP pass to say that we might have a chance of getting one? 😂
  20. Idk, that was a bad move on ATA's part.
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