ATA is slowly killing PvP

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  1. Less than 1k losses in 5yrs.
    You've never had a good farming
  2. It had been locked about two years ago. Not a recent locking.
  3. its strategy tho
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  4. It was about November 23 2020
  5. No, it's been locked for a while.
  6. Then what is any info about 23rd November 2020 doing in a dead and gone thread?
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  7. I agree that they shouldn't have posted it there and should have made a new thread for the updated policy. It was an amendment to the policy outlined in the original post so I can see the logistics of putting it there; however, in terms of ensuring players are aware of this update, they did not do a good job at that.
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  8. They hid it in a locked thread. That thread should never have been locked in the first place. 🦆
    It is all a bad look. No good rationale.
  9. Whoa. Wait so what’s the new policy? And I’m confused, are you upset bc someone didn’t break RS for cf?
  10. The update is that you can no longer demand people break rs or name change as a cf condition.
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  11. For a moderator you sure do complain about players whining a lot...And no, I don’t know kefo enough to in your words, “simp 4 him” 😂
  12. I'm not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean but ok. I see you complaining everywhere: walls, forums, group chats... about numerous things. That's what I was referencing specifically if you were unsure.
    & I wasn't referring to you when I included those who simp for him but if you think you belong in that category then sure
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  13. Seems like a personal issue for you 👍
    I just give my opinion which is what forums are for. As far as gcs and wall lurking I mean I made my first point already
  14. ok habeak
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  15. As soon as one states their opinion or gives some sort of feedback for the game, especially as ATA makes such changes, it’s labeled as “whining”.

    Maybe this is why forums are so dead. Because everyone who posts gets castrated by people who think differently (or are simply just complacent with changes). Obviously people will disagree and have other opinions but there’s no need to be dramatic. And there’s also no need to state irrelevant things to the topic at hand 🥱.. Say you disagree, an explanation of why and move on.

    I would still like ATA to maybe start making /positive/ changes to PvP. Rather than trying to control how players write their CF terms. CF terms are user and player based. Why is that suddenly changing by people (ATA) and their “feelings”....RS breaks will happen if someone is weak and can’t handle hits. So this literally changes nothing at the end of the day. But it’s a slap in the face really
  16. Imagine continuing to complain about changes that are out of your control
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  17. Irony has entered the chat.

    I think it’s perfectly okay to discuss a new rule/feature implemented into the game, you’re entitled to your opinion. For me I just personally feel like you worded it dramatically and non-constructively which doesn’t make me want to have an educated discussion, if that makes sense. :^)
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. Imagine to continue to complain about a forum post which you do not have to continue to post in
  20. “For me personally” I think you’re entitled to your opinion as well. I was referring to one person in particular....but anyways 😌 I always give my feedback and ask questions in forums. That won’t change
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