ATA is slowly killing PvP

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  1. I’m waiting for the day ATA removes fighting buttons altogether, since they seem to want to dictate PvP players’ CF terms now. All of these forums about peacetags, and non-graduated party plunder. It just seems like they’re trying to kill PvP on a game that once was nothing but...I’m disappointed and very anxious. This game is going to kill its own player base at this point.

    An RS accounts for stats. There’s defense/offense dates in place, in addition to the given stats from rsing someone. Why would you NOT ask to break an RS to the RS of the person you’ve declared SFW on? My mind is blown 🤯 Way to go!! Lmao
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  3. There’s always going to be jerks on a player versus player game. Doesn’t mean everyone’s gonna /actually/ bully you as they hit you for pixel monies 🤧 pls
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  4. I want to take the chance to officially admonish

    From what I have seen, she is the principal of this agenda.
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    this is so painful typing this out
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  6. I hate it here
  7. I don’t think anyone should make changes to PvP CF terms which are user based...player based. She doesn’t play this game nor PvP so why is PvP being dictated in this way that is going to upset a lot of people 🙂 and turn even more players away...?
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  8. I'm glad my posts bring you as much pain as they do I
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  9. Cringe @ you
  10. honestly, the game all went downhill the moment players wanted EB's like KaW had.

    That's where parties came from. Next thing you know, here we are.
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  11. ATA doing their clown dance as they cater to all the fairies and kill their PVP game
  12. Marceline posted the original thread about extortion and harassment so this is naturally entirely her fault...?
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  13. Dw i'm cringing @ me too
  14. Also Marceline is the head of the community management department, so naturally she's going to be the most likely bearer of bad news regardless of whether or not she was the main hand behind it.

    But maybe that's just me doing my patented HS-style ass kissing.
  15. The thread was locked. That's sus.
  16. she was referring to you

    also, you're a fairy and you sure do whine a lot
  17. every single forum you reference here is made by kefo who almost no one takes seriously unless they are looking for someone to fight their battles for them cause he's the easiest and most radical way to do it

    or unless they dont know any better/simp for him
  18. Actually it’s you and everyone else crying about it but 👌🏼😬
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  19. If you’re having this much of a fit over not being able to make players break rs for CF because its “ruining farming” I think it’s safe to say you probably weren’t a good farmer to begin with.

    There’s plenty of other CF terms you could go with, no worries. ✌🏼