Ask Me Out!!!

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  1. im looking for rs for stats .. im lcbc and I want minimum 5 mcs rs... ask me out thank yoU!!!
    Trust me imma wonderful RS...!!!
  2. please do tell us more about yourself
  3. know me more by following me 
  4. im 21 year old gal from India.. names Radhika.. call me Eli 
  5. im 21 year old gal from India.. name's Radhika.. call me Eli 
  6. who is elisa then
  7. My nick name is elisa
  8. What do u mean by why?
  9. I like your question 
  10. Do you rp Ms. Elisa?
  11. The real question :lol:
  12. Follow my tut disaster_master .....BC, Indian

    For more information follow him, I can't provide more information in forum as against tou is in my tuts
  13. op abandoned the thread
  14. 
  15. Cuz I like it that's y...
  16. In Radhika, Why is your nickname Elsia.. Only letter close to your name is the l.
  17. ty captain obvious