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  1. yes, they do..
  2. bumped☺️
  3. convo in a timer box thread that was referencing one of Stranges answers
  4. Ooo mmk
  5. Be active be in a good club have max plunder spend a bunch of money to do it even faster
  6. Joseph and daniela are good ,but akudou is only a bully .Which try to scam people .Once he tried to scam a person by purchasing 50c for 1b .And he's bullying people by making them silenece for tiny mistakes .
  7. Is a person. Not a thing.
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  8. Public accusations are against ToU. If you have a complaint about a moderator, send a help ticket.
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  9. Why hasn't Muschi been selected as a Mod yet? Haven't they done enough citizen style policing in forums yet? 🤔💭
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  10. Forums is... severely lacking in moderation. All these mods but I only see one or two... and they never are here when a mod is needed. 😤