Ape-ril Fools Terms

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  1. OMFG = I love the bee movie it's true I love it!
  2. Nope still not working
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  3. Oof yes. Maybe
    Yup that's gotta be it
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  4. Is the quest the end of it? Cause even after getting seven I hit Marco again and it gave me my eighth
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  5. There's a leaderboard for it, to get other editions of the EmmaStone sticker.
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  6. love = will settle for
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  7. Idk if this ones on here already but chat : rap battle
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  8. I'm so confused rn = I'm so turned on rn
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  9. Thanks everyone!
    Just to have one long list of what we've all compiled so far:

    Girls = people
    Boys = beings
    Daddy = qualified physician
    Naughty = medicated
    Wall me = wash me
    ATA = who
    Add me = let's watch Seinfeld together
    Dirty = antibacterial
    Bring = remove
    Roles = masks
    Friend(s) = comrade
    Netflix = drive in theater
    Roleplay = eye contact
    Please = pleabse
    Plz = plbz
    Kinky = hygienic
    Dorm = jorts
    Man = priest
    Woman = nun
    omg = bee movie rules
    only = whatever really
    guys = individuals
    Single = double
    Married = stapled to
    Mommy/Daddy = qualified physician
    Confused = turned on right now
    It's a prank = permanent change
    Pet rock = PIMDimal la roix
    Sub = submarine sandwich
    Dom = Dom perignon
    Is great = needs toilet paper
    I hate you = I’m wicked into you
    Emma stone = Kylie Jenner
    Pimd = pimh
    Wtf = don't worry I know how to fix this, add me
    Single = Double
    Bra = Maskn
    Panties = Mask
    Hot = sweaty
    Funny = super serious
    Young = cheese
    Older = inflatable
    Trump = Biden
    Bernie = Pence
    Biden = Bernie
    Pence = Warren
    Warren = Harris
    Harris = Trump
    Cheating = clowning
    Love = will settle for
    Wmo = wmh
    Hmu = handsanitizers mostly unstocked
    Sub girls = submarine sandwich people
    Detailed = well- prepared
    Sexy = curmudgeonly
    Lonely = easy
    Easy = very particular
    Sucks = adequate
    Famous = thoroughly wiped
    Dog = creature
    OMFG = I love the bee movie
    chat = rap battle

    Strange = Queens
    Queens = Wanda
    Wanda = Luce
    Luce = Valor
    Valor = Ness
    Ness = Rogers
    Rogers = Lirael
    Lirael = Corvid
    Corvid = Barton
    Barton = Maeve
    Maeve = Claptrap
    Claptrap = Marceline
    Marceline = Strange
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  10. Room: pants
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  11. Crazy: needs toilet paper
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  12. Sorry I’m posting these separately. I’m just posting as I find them

    pet rock: PIMDimal la roix
    bf: cold shower
    Gf: long hot bath
    Naughty: medicated
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  13. Either the word younger or older = geriatric. Not sure which one.
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  14. Younger
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  15. I thought that but wasn't entirely positive, thanks for clarifying!
  16. Hi: sincere salutations
    Ily: I love ata
    Bed: jail
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  17. Queen - Prime Minister
    King - President
    Prime Minister - Empress
    President - Emporor
    Empress - Queen
    Emporor - King
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  18. Correction: bra turns into mask, not maskn. My bad!
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  19. High: wise
    Noob: wise, ancient one
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  20. Bump on request