Answer a Question with Another Question

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  1. I didn’t see any forum games other than the alphabet game on the strategy section of the forum! Sooo.. without further ado!! If this is posted wrongly please do let me fix the mistake or it can be moved!

    1)One person would ask a question, and another person would answer with a question. It's really a lot easier than it sounds.
    2)THIS MAY NOT TURN INTO A QUESTION LESS CONVERSATION BETWEEN A FEW PEOPLE.. You may, however be playing the game between two or three people.
    3)You can not post two times in a row.
    4)Be nice! Don't start to attack people!

    EXAMPLE 1:
    Guy one: Why is the sky blue?
    Guy two: Why do you care?
    Guy three: Why does it matter?
    Guy four: Why do you want to know?
    (they don't all have to be "why" questions, they could be any question of any kind; i.e. Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How)

    EXAMPLE 2:
    Guy one: What's your favorite color?
    Guy two: Why do you care?
    Guy one: Why shouldn't I care?
    Guy two: Are you stalking me?
    Guy one: Why would that matter?

    I'll start...

    How was your day?
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  2. Why are you asking?
  3. Why do you care?
  4. If they care, am I supposed to care?
  5. Is it important what the others think?
  6. Isn’t it important to know what others think?
  7. What's with the philosophical questions?
  8. What’s wrong with asking them?
  9. Did you know there's already a thread for this?
  10. Why not start fresh?
  11. Should we start fresh?
  12. Did you know I bumped it?
  13. Did you know I created it?
  14. Why have I never seen that thread before? 😳
  15. Is it because that the forum is glitching?
  16. Do people not just have a limited amount of attention for things?
  17. Do people even read where they are supposed to be posting their threads?
  18. Was it the case that threads posted into the 'activities' subforum wouldn't show up in the active topics section in the old forums? I've forgotten. But fan fics definitely didn't show.
  19. So it is because of the forums glitching?
  20. I think it was a choice, by the devs to avoid spam in active topics, in the early days of forums. But people just worked around it and posted their spammy threads in off-topic and the devs threw up their hands in resignation