LIMITED-TIME CONTENT An October Creature Feature 📽️🖤♡

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Queens, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. Ata you forget to Add the Bookcase in Furni Set? Are the shelves gonna float or something?
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  2. No, they don’t include a bookcase occasionally for monthly sets. Though, I like where your head is at with floating shelves.
  3. I've noticed they sometimes don't. But I'm curious on how people are going to match the dorm with another bookcase that isn't greyscale. Like are there any other greyscale bookcases that I don't know or would any bookcase turn greyscale when you equip it? 🤠
  4. Yeah idk why ATA still thinks it’s cool to do these avatar tokens, let alone to make them so pricey. For f’s sake, listen to your players. Not just the payers.
  5. Can anyone tell me where the dislike button is..
  6. yaaay I hope next month's avis are gonna be 120 avatar credits ty ata
  7. Okay... but where's the bookcase tho 🗣
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  8. The bookcase is missing from the shop 👀....
  9. Pretty sure they know, pretty sure they just didn't make one. Apparently it's a thing that happens.

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  10. Dull.
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  11. I appreciate the team coming out with these black and white avatars. It's really awesome! But I do want to say that I know the developers need the money hence why they probably did this new coin system. It is not a good change. I prefer when we had the way we could buy ECS for avatars each month or Molly's Corner to spend $9.99 to $24.99 again. I appreciate the team's effort.
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  12. they have a Dracula avatar
  13. No.. just No. 🙄
  14. Why is there no bookshelf? 🧐
  15. Oh look Lyssa's name isn't green anymore 🌚
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  17. I like the avatars and dorm. I won’t be buying any because I’m broke, but I do like them. The black and white is a throwback to the Before Times TM where we didn’t have to wear masks to go outside. Oh, the good ol’ days
  18. No greyscale bookcase really sucks. It makes the dorm feel like it will never really feel complete/always look out of place 😪
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  19. Does anyone know the name of the bookcase in the little showcase picture of the dorm? People could use that one? Also, I think the ravenghast or blackletter could also work well.
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