LIMITED-TIME CONTENT An October Creature Feature 📽️🖤♡

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  1. $40 ish for an avatar, pass.
    Also don’t like the coins..wasteful.
  2. Where’s the bookcase?😭😭
  3. Can ata pass whatever they’re smoking.
  4. Avis ugly af 🤢 pass
  5. no thanks, receipt pls
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  6. I don’t know why we bother posting anymore, they never listen to the community. Anyway the avatar coins are ridiculous, pretty much all of the recent changes are. Nobody asked/wanted these changes and I really hope you take a look at those surveys and realize the game is being actively ruined. The avatars are decent but no match for Dracula which is disappointing and they are overpriced. The only thing scaring me is the horrible prices and stats 👻
  7. Absolutely love the dorm 🖤🧡

    Not sure if someone mentioned it yet (too lazy to read all comments) but ...
    — "The content inside this Timer Box will be available until noon PST on October 1st 2020, as is tradition." —

    Might need a small edit here for November. 💕
  8. Still waiting for something good that’ll actually make me want to spend on this game but I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon🥱
  9. I love it, but I'm broke.

    Buttt, 50 foot woman rp anyone? I gotchu 😉🤣
  10. No countess Dracula?🥺
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  11. How
    Do I buy the avis in the shop I have the coins but it still won't let me buy
  12. This whole October theme y'all got going on is neither spooky, creepy, or good looking. Dracula is the main eye catcher of them all. Dorm looks like I gotta set my brightness up to even see it 🤧 And these coins are just 💩 Sorry but issa no for me 🌚
  14. Wish you could trade avatar coins...or at least buy them with ec. 🙊
  15. I think they didn’t do vampires for this month because of the recent story pass which features vampires, or maybe we’ll have a vampire hunt? Spoopy! 🤩🦇
  16. Definitely not my cup of tea, but I love the idea of greyscale avis and dorms! It reminds me a bit of the avis from the Golden Age Hunt that you could get with the rings and mirrors.
  17. The only scary thing about this is the audacity ATA has to think this is worth that much money.
  18. If people would stop wasting their life savings on this game Feedback would actually affect them. People complain all the time and still you can see BBB being full booked and people spending a fortune as soon as it's invites/promo/both. They know how to get easy money.
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  19. i dont like the spinner items.. and the avi that caught my eye is only the dracula but it wasnt even the dracula i expected.. hmmmm well... I like the idea of greyscale. I just dont like it when they only made one vampire male. There should also be a vampire female. Dammit.