An Informative on ASMR

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  1. No science is not pathetic. But the act of sitting down and watching someone brush hair, scratch a ball or tap their fingers etc in the hope of gaining “pleasure” from it. Seems pathetic to me. But regardless of my views, if an individual enjoyes partaking in a weird act. It doesn’t concern me so they are entitled to do as they please .
  2. Chewing?
    Might as well kill me now
  3. ? Idk how this became pathetic. It is basically connected to neurological disorder/s as the brain is connected to the nerves and spines which is basically the ones being triggered when you are using ASMR. Some sees this as a natural (and temporary) cure for their insomia and stuff ig.

    It may work on some, and not on you ig. No harm done anyway
  4. I think it's more of a fetish thing. So I'll state that I enjoy fucking bitches
  5. I too enjoy ******** ********
  6. Oh, then you must also think sitting down and watching TV, YouTube, or any media of any sort is pathetic as well? How about the fact that you're probably on your couch or bed staring at a phone screen, playing a reality game, in hopes to gain some sort of "entertainment"? I'm genuinely curious where your opinion is coming from, seems quite hypocritical. We use social media as a way to connect to friends to feel close to them or to stay in touch. We watch the shows we watch to feel some sort of emotion, whether it be excitement or relief. What's more pathetic, watching videos on YouTube to help calm anxiety and sleep insomnia OR being ignorant to the way it benefits certain people by calling it "pathetic".