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  1. What is ASMR?

    ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a physical feeling of a static or "tingle" that is extremely pleasurable and relaxing in response to an outside stimulus. But! It's not just physical either, it's also a mental state of relaxation that can calm or even put you to sleep.

    How to experience it?

    It is often experienced for the first time from real-life stimuli. For example, watching someone brush their hair or listening to someone tap their fingers against a desk. The most common way nowadays is to simply watch a YouTube video made by ASMRtists. Triggers are very important when it comes to feeling that "tingly" sensation. If you know your triggers, you can easily just search them up. But for many, they go without knowing what triggers them and this is why most people haven't a clue as to what ASMR feels like. However, you may be one of the unfortunate few who don't even experience ASMR!

    Examples of Triggers
    • Hair Brushing
    • Massage
    • Finger Tapping
    • Scratching
    • Whispering
    • Ear Cupping
    • Page Turning
    • Clay molding
    • Scissor sounds
    • Chewing
    • and many MANY more!

    What does it help?

    ASMR can help with Anxiety, Emotional Irregularity, Sleep Problems, and even just a plain ol' bad day. Anxiety is one of the main reasons why people watch it. It can really help with calming you down to a controlled state of mind. However, the number one reason why people watch ASMR is for sleep. Plugging in your ear buds at night with your favorite ASMR video on will put you out like a light. :)

    My Experience

    You don't have to stay for this part if you don't want to. This is just me sharing my experience and why I love ASMR so much!

    So, I discovered ASMR near the end of 2015. I was one and a half years deep into a relationship. Now, this relationship wasn't the greatest but it also wasn't the best. I don't regret it and I learned many lessons from it. Also, because of it, I discovered ASMR for myself. So I'm not bashing the relationship in any way. However, I went many nights emotionally exhausted and depressed. I already struggle with my mental, as many of us do. So when my relationship was struggling, it really struck my core hard. Home life wasn't too great either and I didn't want to bother any of my friends with my problems. So, I came up with an idea. I remembered when I was little, my dad would comb his fingers through my hair to help me fall asleep. I figured you could find anything on YouTube. I searched for "hair combing" but ending up coming across "hair brushing" made by ASMRtist Whispers Red. At first, I thought it was a little weird. Why would someone record themselves brushing someone else's hair? But as I continued to watch the video, it happened. An enormous wave of "tingles" ran through my body completely random. That was the first of many nights to come that I fell asleep to an ASMR video. Throughout the next few years after that discovery, I continued to struggle with relationships and friends. The only constant was ASMR and it really did help pull me through some extremely tough moments. Now, I'm in a very healthy relationship. My home life is wonderful. I have everything to be thankful for. I still do struggle with my mental occasionally, but I'm definitely improving. :')

    Whoever created ASMR is an absolute godsent.

  2. I’m still not sure why I read all of that but I did....
  3. Maybe it's the lit bb coding? ?
  4. You ryt it does put you to sleep cuz it’s boring m8 and it does absolutely nothing to me, but hey man enjoy it.
  5. I could never get into asmr. Cloveress on ytube is funny tho with her asmr.
  6. She's a parody asmrtist, funny but I personally don't enjoy her stuff.
  7. Thankyou Gintoki-sama
  8. Well, I wouldn't be able to watch her if she was a serious asmr person tbh. That stuff is just not interesting to me
  9. Yeah that's true, there's always a little something for everybody.
  10. i like WhispersRed and her friend Gentle Whispering. i watch it to calm down when i'm anxious or sometimes as white noise to fall asleep to

    i also watch SAS-asmr but not really for asmr i just like watching the cool different types of food she eats tbh. that kinda helps with my eating disorder
  11. To long didn't read ?
  12. Gentle Whispering is really great, I love her videos. She has the same favorite trigger as me and it makes me giddy inside.
  13. That's okay, you're still cool I guess.
  14. i dont know if you've come across any but do you know any good german asmrtists that actually speak in german? ive come across a lot of german ones but they all speak in english ;-;
  15. Yes actually!! Palagea ASMR, she's so sweet tbh and does great asmr despite what she struggles with.
  17. thanks!!!
  18. The picture's the only thing that's not boring to read, I like brains. ?
  19. You're weird.
  20. That's the best compliment.