An Idea:Male/Female tokens for hunt boxes.

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Male/Female Avatar hunt box tokens?

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  1. I just think it would be nice to have the option of getting a token for $1,000 pimd cash for either a male avatar or female avatar. Sorta like when the story like or the shards are done. Just the last couple of hunts i had wanted the female avatar but got male instead. If you want both then you wont need the token. Just an idea. 🤷‍♀️
  2. I'm not opposed but it should cost way more than 1000 pimd cash. More like 50-100ec.
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  3. Yeah I don't think it'll be in pimd cash.
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  4. Support af

  5. I think that is too pricey and not really fair to the ones who just enjoy the game for free and not put money into this. I mean I feel ata definitely get the cash they need. An option that is good that isn’t extremely expensive would be nice. Not everyone can afford to put money into apps.
  6. I mean. It's not a necessary feature so it makes sense that it would cost something.
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  7. Were you never told “You get what you get & you don’t throw a fit”?
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  8. It doesn’t make sense that sometimes you are allow to choose your avatar gender but not all the time.

    honestly no I didn’t why because I didn’t have to be given something I didn’t want/like. I like everything given but options is nice.

    My overall point being is giving people a chance to choose the avatar they like best. Options just seems fair to me
  9. I honestly think that ATA would never do this. It's likely to bring more harm than good financially.

    If say, someone wanted the female avi from a box. They open 10, only to get the male avi. They decide to open more boxes, say another 10, and finally get the female avi. If ATA implements this feature, they'll lose out on these 10 additional box opens.

    To be very blunt with you, ATA would be crazy to implement this feature.
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  10. I wish 10 boxes were enough to get an avi =[ over a hundred boxes I opened once and never got the male or female box avi
  11. Hit F in the chat for respek bois
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