Alphabet City

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  1. I posted this in one of the contests before using my old ign. No hurt in posting it again! I don’t even know if I’m allowed to post stuff like these but either way enjoy!

    Alphabet City by Nicolas

    It’s eerily quiet and empty in the streets of Alphabet City, it’s still quite early, around 4pm in the evening. You can’t blame the citizens for locking their doors at 5 and hiding under their blankets at 7, bodies have been piling up and they don’t know who or what to blame. Some say it’s a curse, a strange phenomenon perhaps, or an accident maybe? But nobody dares mention it as murders, even if they know that a mass murderer is on the loose.

    “Oh Y, what if this curse, accident or whatever comes after me next?!” Z frantically rants at Y, Y then slaps Z “get it together!” Z rubs his cheek. Families A-X have already been murdered, nothing but bones and drops of blood left in their place. The odd thing about these murders is that all of them have been happening in one specific place.

    “I’ll take you back home” Y tells Z, and soon they walk together on the empty streets, trying to stay calm and alert. They soon start to feel paranoid, and then they hear a crash from somewhere, Y grabs Z’s hand and they anxiously run towards a back alley. They shakily hold onto each other until they know the coast is clear, they both freeze once they realize where they are, it’s the spot where all the murders have taken place.

    Y grabs Z’s shoulders “Z let’s get ou-“ Y crashes down and leaves his sentence unfinished, “sorry Y, but you’ve fallen right under my trap” Z laughs hysterically while still holding the knife he used to stab Y. Soon, Z mutilates the body before drinking the red of the sacrificial youngblood and cuts his skin piece by piece, consuming them.

    Z cries and apologizes as he does this, slowly and creepily whispering ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘please forgive me’s’. Soon, only the bones and a few drops of blood are left. Z stands up and wipes his face. “Now I shall be the only letter people need” Z hysterically says, on the corner of his eye he spots a poster that says asterisks have gotten a bigger crowd now. Unbeknownst to Alphabet City, new bodies will be piling up.

    Z sees red and once again has a purpose, he laughs “I wonder how stars taste.”
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  2. This is an interesting one-shot. I also did have a feeling that Z was the one who did the murders :p
  3. Glad u liked it! 🙆🏻‍♀️
  4. It's something , based on a topic I have never come across :)
    Much appreciated ❤️
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  5. You have never come across the alphabet?
  6. Not serial alphabets for sure
  7. Killer*
  8. Let me blow your mind because they're everywhere.