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  1. Is me. So if any of you got any butthurt messages or hits or anything you wanna send, stop sending them to random ass Alicia's and send em my way, cause I'm kinda bored now. You're welcome 🌚
  2. Okay
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  3. Why would you change your name to that abomination
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  4. Bruh I luv ya πŸ¦πŸ’•πŸ€£ tho I still don’t like the name πŸ’€πŸŒš
  5. Cause I'm edgy
  6. Ily and ur ice cream ty
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  7. Hardly
  8. I mean random?? :c but like also I still have the original Alicia
  9. Good. You can have up2nogood too.
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  10. I mean, at least it suits me?
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  11. Is okay, I like my name lol
    Besides it ALeeSeeAH. Like all Hispanic like.
  12. Ok?
  13. OP alicia's name would be pronounced like that too if alicia was her real name tho. Filipino has a lot of similarities to you're twins. If I recall correctly. She sometimes changes her background story to mess w us
  14. My rl name isn't Alicia and I'm neither filipino nor spanish 🌚
    Also, whut?
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  15. I know your real names not alicia. You totally told me you were Filipino once tho which I was saying possibly wasn't true because you randomly lie every once in a while and they all blend. But if it was true your fake name would also be pronounced, alee-see-ah
  16. I literally never told you that lol. I tell people I'm asian which is true but I never mention my nationality.
  17. When you started your club before like a year or 2 ago I noticed our times awake were completely opposite and I asked about it and you told me you lived in the Philippines πŸ˜… I'm not bothered that you lied to preserve privacy or whatever but you definitely said it
  18. Lol no I didn't. I'm 100% sure.
  19. I tell people I don't disclose personal information. 🌚