Advice series: tutors are important

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Oct 1, 2020.

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    Might post some more of these. Idk.
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  2. Some of my tutsies already have a big head and this post doesn’t help 😭
    (Solid advice tho people don’t often think of tutor plunder)
  3. I recommend one tut at a high price, that way you can keep track of how much you have in tuts easier than multiple at various prices
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  4. That's a great way to tie up your money and always be broke.
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  5. I have yet to have a problem with anything like that, I'm all about cleanliness
  6. I'm all about turnover 💰💰💰
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  7. This doesn't help if you care about having a good tut bonus though. Gets max plunder, but that's it.
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  8. Great way for a farmer to blow all ur cash out in the open in one go tho and u may miss the sound of nf of the tutor been hired when striped 10-15 tutors what I recommend and make coulpe of alts to lay some cash in as 10b gifts
  9. Then that way even if your strip and your cash hit 0 u still got cash
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  10. I think the idea I try to get across to people is that if they have a healthy relationship with tutors, and they're flipping a decent amount, they will be earning more money and shouldn't ever have to worry about max plunder because that amount of money is easy to get as long as ur above like 10kcs.

    It almost makes it irrelevant to mention and point out max plunder as a benefit.
  11. I agree