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  1. I really like unicorns. I like them so much that I’ve become addicted and am slowly adding more and more unicorn related things to my collection. I have unicorn themed products in different forms. For example:
    A unicorn head I can wear to scare my dog

    (which I only wear in the privacy of my own home since it’s too colorful for my everyday look)

    (Yes, there are two black feathers stuck between the wires of the lights. These are crow feathers and are very rare where I come from and I like them very much.)
    Tissue boxes

    I like unicorns because they make me feel a little better when I’m down. I know they’re not real, but they always make me wonder “Well what if…” which is a good thing because it keeps my imagination going.

    What would you consider to be your own addiction?
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  2. I'm addicted to ducks.
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  3. I’m addicted to froggies tbh. I have a stuffed animal I’ll say good morning to. I don’t buy many froggy things but I have a cute mug
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  4. Dogs, and probably lowkey pimd
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  5. The infamous unicorn head. 🙃 Oh shizzz... and I see the good ole console in the back. 😌
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  6. Shut up.
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  7. Idk if I have an addiction at the moment. Maybe I'm addicted to being apathetic towards everything. Or pimd ig idk
  8. Have you ever seen the video of a lady walking through Walmart counting all the unicorn items? It's pretty crazy

    Oh and I'm addicted to homemade butter ATM. I'm never buying it premade again
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  9. I love all of those.

    I am addicted to the white cheddar cheese powder on Smartfood and self-destructing.
  10. So what I’ve gathered from this is that you’re a Unicorn Furry
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. Guns, knives, swords, tattoos
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  13. That's not creepy at all
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  14. Oh hell yeah dude
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  15. That’s not a denial
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  16. Bullying me again 🙄
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  17. I’m addicted to PIMD. 😭 as sad as it is to admit, I find it difficult to let this app go even tho all my friends are inactive and I’ll only talk to myself on the pub.
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  18. This is adorable.
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  19. My addiction is Jennie
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  20. I forgot to add horror🙂