ACCOUNTS: Switching

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  1. Use a different email address for the new account. Than when you go back to your first one use the email you had for that one.
  2. Tf are you on about?
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  4. @MaisyEdwards 🥰

    just make sure, that you connect your pimd account to your email account before signing out!! otherwise you‘ll lose it.
    make sure your account is really connected to the mail, you have to verify it through your emails first!❤️‍🔥

    when you create a second account, make sure to use a different email for that one🥰

    when you want to switch back to your main, just follow the steps, and when it asks you to choose an avi etc just press ‚recover account‘ on the right above the avis.
  6. I don't believe you.
  7. That reply is over 3yrs old. Even the entire being of how this game is has completely changed in that time
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  8. I
    Know bro. Just digging some old grave😜