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  1. I have a lot of these rare keys...I guess I'm rich!
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  2. Wtf is O for ?
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Kefo has a weird hatred of b being used for bentos’s so he uses “o” as a substitute.
  5. I like how curvaceous they made that bear. They look like a middle aged mom.
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  6. All the time, there's some wanna-be box sellers who keep offering ridiculous prices for people's old boxes and then resell them for even more ridiculous prices. Too bad some people allow themselves to get scammed by such individuals.
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  7. I never seen anyone sellin boxes for less than 10:1c and they just wanted to sell them all. Usually the lowest is 5:1, most bulk sellers are between 2:1 and 1:2.

    Nobody is selling 20:1, let alone 50:1. The hyperbole ain't cute.
  8. The thing is, these people are roaming around pub and campus buying old boxes for 20:1c or more per chibi, and in their next message they resell them for whatever scammy price they like.
  9. Oh that's the price they're offering. You seen them successfully buy? Is this in Asian campus?
  10. Welcome to Asian campus where everything is cheap
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  11. Bumpity
  12. Awe I thought I was gonna get a good chance to sell my old boxes, buhff uk them prices.
  13. What kind of middle age mom do you have 👀
  14. My mother did not live to be middle aged.
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  15. Don’t think mine did either but like yeet
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  16. People gift old boxes they don’t need all the time. Don’t buy them.

    In retrospect, I’m the last person who should be voicing their opinion on this topic given I don’t do trade much
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  17. Buying a box for hAlF a cHiBi
  18. Oh dis is sad :/
  19. Alexa, play despacito.
  20. Yeah they do but that's even less likely than being able to buy for half a chibi each. Good middle ground is between half a chibi and 2c per box.