A Reminder: Farming, Harassment and In-Game Extortion Policy

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  1. Free from me?
  2. Farm me pls
  3. Gimme 2 bentos and deal.
  4. I’ll only do it for 1 bento ?

  5. I'll have to lower my price.

    40 chibis.
  6. iv been hit 92 times in the oast day and its geting old i gave the items they wanted and they wount stop please help me
  7. No can do. You’re at their mercy.
  8. hello can i seek help with these??? coz ive been experiencing an harassment maybe... coz someone is attacking me for no reason and shes not stopping attacking me until today... she started on last hunt... im contacting her but shes not saying anything... shes just ignoring it attacking me.... her ign is @Gamertaze
  9. What about harrasment and bullying over a tutor?
  10. Not what this forum is for so delete your post
  11. What about farming for not dropping but cf not being to drop cat just for non ec stat items ?
  12. When people with 122 losses cry that they've been farmed for weeks.....

  13. It was the 12 dance losses that did it though
  14. :lol: fax
  15. I don't get it, they created a app that was designed for attacking and chatting. I don't know if they changed the introduction from the time when I first started playing, but it clearly said protect yourself, and grow to be the strongest so you don't become a target and put your money in the bank. I am high ass fudge right now, but I definitely will come back to this topic. Changing the name of the battle button didn't stop attacks, now y'all trying to establish a rule. Devs remove to attack button and chatting..
  16. can you like... read the post before spewing nonsense about what you THINK it says? thanks
  17. Nubs don’t take advice sadly
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.