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  1. So the 7 deadly sins, you could also do 7 heavenly virtues

    If it is a hunt, make it like maybe sins vs virtues or cut them like 4 Avis per hunt so we could get at lease a couple of changes i'm okay if it's short too tho

    Or if its shards, i mean greeks and zodiacs got 24 (f&m), so it's like only 14 if we got (f&m) but don't make it hard please or even being have to open with ec

    Not all of us are rich and also some of us might still be a student, and every country is diffrent (not price but how to get money as student(?))

    Though as long i can see it happen, i'm happy
  2. Definitely sounds like something they'd make into shard avis. But I expect they'd do the shard boxes as always. I'd be very interested to see the designs, nice idea.
  3. Would love to see the sloth avatar?
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  4. I'd also like to suggest open all buttons on speed up boxes or how many to open at a time.
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  5. they put it in vip box 😔😒
    Guess chance only couple people could get em, ata going greedy huh, I'm happy they exist but at the same time I'm disappointed
  6. And an unload button on parties, yes.
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  7. I want some Loli avi shards 🌚
  8. Relax!
  9. I have to laugh
  10. 😂😂😂